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Yancy Camp Workout of the Week #2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_facebook type=”standard”][vc_column_text]As you read through this week’s training session, remember you can scale it down as necessary. In this case, you could scale down the beginning and ending 20min run time, the number of intervals, and the number of reps. Adjust to your current fitness level. I don’t recommend doing this session without scaling it down if you’ve just started training. To prevent injury, you want to allow your body time to slowly adjust to longer demanding sessions. If you love OCR and racing, the you know that getting through the year uninjured is more important than anything.


  1. 20min run at aerobic training zone pace
  2. sandbell or sandbag lunges x 30
  3. push-ups x 20
  4. split squat jumps x 20
  5. pull-ups x 20 (take as long as needed to complete)
  6. hill or mountain intervals x 30sec at V02 max zone pace
  7. slow shuffle jog recovery pace down

Continue until you reach 10 intervals, repeat exercises, repeat hill/mountain interval runs x 7, repeat exercises, repeat hill/mountain interval runs x 4, repeat exercises.  Finish w/20min run at aerobic training zone pace.

Here’s what it will look like if doing indoors on a treadmill: set your treadmill at highest incline possible for 30sec interval runs and during 30sec rest period, just pop feet off to the side of the treadmill. Everything else will be done the same. Indoors you can use the standard pull-up bar or a towel draped over the bar.

  • Aerobic training zone pace is 75-85% of max HR or if going by feel, comfortably fast – right around marathon race pace.
  • VO2 max zone is 95%+ of max HR or if going by feel – fast pace and you’re gassed when you get to the top.
  • I have Yancy Camp athletes run with or stage a towel or section of rope with knots so they have the ability to throw it over a limb and perform the pull-ups.
  • If you’re unable to complete pull-ups, you can perform what I call “assisted pull-ups”. Make sure the towel or rope is low enough to where your feet can touch the ground. During the pull-up you can jump off the ground to assist. Start off reaching as high as possible using just enough pop off the ground to complete the pull-up, and you can drop hands lower as fatigue sets in.

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