UPDATE: Age Group & Journeyman Qualifications Suspended Until Further Notice

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It’s not too early to sign up for the best weekend in Obstacle Course Racing. Take advantage of our suspended qualification requirements for Age Group and Journeyman athletes and lock in your spot at the 2021 OCR World Championships.

Our partner races have been hit hard, and we know many athletes who registered for the OCRWC have lost their planned opportunities to qualify.

During these unprecedented times, we want to make sure the athletes who want to race with us are able to do so.

At this point in time, qualification will only be required for the Pro divisions of the 3K and 15K distances of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships. Results must be from an event that occurred between August 10, 2018 and September 23, 2021.

Athletes who have already registered for the Journeyman 3K or 15K divisions will be automatically assigned to their respective Age Groups without any qualification necessary.

*UPDATE* We’ve begun evaluating partner races in the hopes that races begin coming back in earnest.

Many of our partner races are beginning to hold events once again, which has allowed us to start thinking about the possibility of reinstating our standard qualification criteria. If at any point we reinstate qualification requirements, anyone who has already registered will be grandfathered in with no qualification required.

If and when we determine there are enough races happening that we can reinstate qualification, we will require qualification from that day forward.

There are no qualification requirements for the 100-Meter Sprint, Team Relay or charity open events.

Important notes regarding qualifying criteria:

No more than 50% of an age group or a gender in a division at a specific event can qualify for the OCRWC (e.g. if an age group has only ten competitors, only the top five athletes are deemed qualified, even if the criteria state that the top ten qualify).

In the event of an odd number of finishers, the qualifying criteria is rounded up in favor of the athlete.

In the case where an age group or gender has only one competitor, please contact help@ocrwc.com to have your results personally reviewed.

How to Prepare for the OCRWC
How to Prepare for the OCRWC
Not sure if you're ready for the OCRWC? You will be with these tips from the athletes at OCRWC HQ!


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I’ve qualified and registered. When will I receive my confirmation email?
Confirmation emails are sent out on the 5th of each month for all registrations from the preceding month.
Can I update divisions after I have already registered?
We allow changes in divisions (Pro, Age Group, or Journeyman), however, there is a $25 per distance administration fee in order to do so, plus any incremental costs associated with your new division. Contact us with your request to initiate this process.
What happened to the Journeyman division?
Due to our athletes having lack of access to qualifying races during these difficult times, we have suspended the qualifications for our Age Group division, and added our Journeyman athletes into Age Group. If we reinstate qualifications, the divisions will return to the normal Age Group and Journeyman categories.