The OCRWC Podcast

Looking for insights on training, that OCR pro life, or a sneak peek into the 2021 OCRWC course?

From the biggest names and most intriguing characters in Obstacle Course Racing, to the topics you’re asking about, host Fran Chiorando breaks down the sport we all love. Take a listen as we begin to set the stage for the best OCR World Championships our sport has ever seen.  New episodes drop the first and third Thursday of every month starting in May, leading right up to championship weekend, September 23-26, 2021 at Stratton Mountain Resort, Vermont, USA.

Season 1 / Episode 3 – Libbie Joyce

With athletes like 13-year-old Libbie Joyce, the future of OCR looks bright.

Join us as we discuss how she got started in OCR, what kept her there, and some of her biggest achievements, which I promise will blow you away!

With an introduction and special announcement from the founder of the OCR World Championships, Adrian Bijanada.

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Season 1 / Episode 2 – Leon Kofoed

In Episode Two of the OCRWC podcast we catch up with Leon Kofoed, a Danish racer who has been making waves on the OCR scene and has big plans for the future. After a recent accident left him with a severe leg injury, we talk about healing, hopes, and alternative training. Despite being a beacon of positivity, Leon has overcome a lot of battles in his life. We explore these and discuss handling grief and self care.

Warning, strong language is used in this episode.

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Season 1 / Episode 1 – Karin Karlsson

OCR World Champion Karin Karlsson is an unquestionably exceptional athlete, and has now added resident of Switzerland and supermum to her resume. Nothing appears to slow this incredible woman down, and while she is almost impossibly talented, she is also wonderfully approachable and relatable. She took some time out with us via Fran Chiorando to talk a little about her past, her present and what the future of this Champion has in store.

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