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World OCR Rankings – OCTOBER 2019

Three women at the finish line of an obstacle course race celebrating.

After a year of battling for the top spot, Mericle (USA,1) pulled it out of the bag with a stunning performance at Spartan Worlds, claiming victory on an intensely tough and cold course, with an incredible 15 minutes lead over 2nd place, Webster (CA,2). We’ve been watching the rise of Guillot-Boisset (FRA,3) all year, and…

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OCRWC AND Kitbrix Collaborate on Exclusive OCRWC Icon Design

ocrwc and kitbrix

Obstacle Course Racing is all about breaking new ground, and Adventurey is always striving to push the boundaries. In 2019, we’re proud to announce our partnership with one of the most innovative OCR kit products in the world, KitBrix. “Racing doesn’t stop when you step off the course, and that’s why we’ve partnered with OCR…

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2020 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships Will Be Held in Stratton, Vermont, USA

Adventurey, the producer of world-class obstacle course races (OCR), announced today that the seventh annual independent Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) will be held at Stratton Mountain Resort, Vermont, USA, October 2-4, 2020. “We cannot wait to introduce all of our athletes to everything Stratton Mountain has to offer,” said Adrian Bijanada, Adventurey Founder…

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How To Keep Your Band at the 2019 OCRWC

If you’re taking part in this year’s Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, chances are you’re pretty competent on obstacles and have put in a fair amount of training (unless you’re a turn-up-on-the-day-and-hope-for-the-best kinda gal like me). This isn’t an article on how to train, you know how to do that (and even if you don’t…

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The 2019 OCRWC 100M Sprint to be powered by Urban-sky

2019 ocrwc urban sky

Adventurey is thrilled to announce that the 100-meter OCR World Championships will be powered by Urban-Sky. Adventurey is always at the forefront of competitive OCR, and strive to deliver ever greater events to the best athletes. With each year seeing more developments and partnerships, it is with great pride that we release details of the…

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World OCR Rankings – September 2019

Every month we think our athletes can’t be tested any further, and every month there are more epic events and they pull it out of the bag. In August OCR athletes around the world took on Spartan races (including the North American champs in West Virginia), the first race of the new OCR Series, and…

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How to Prep Your OCR Kit for Wet Weather

ocrwc wet weather guide

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships 2018 were blessed by the weather gods with sunshine, warm temperatures, and no rain. Whilst this was beautiful, we Brits knew how unusual this weather was for October. There’s a chance, a very very small chance, this could happen again, but personally, I’m going to err on the side…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer for the 2019 #OCRWC

2019 ocrwc volunteer

Obstacle Course Racing is more than a competition. Whether you’re an elite, a weekend warrior, a newbie, or not even particularly athletic, there’s something there for you. One aspect many people enjoy is marshaling, and they do it for so many different reasons, so why should you? The Experience Marshaling shows you a side of…

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How to Train for the 2019 OCRWC: Skull Valley

Skull Valley obstacle ocrwc

While Skull Valley and Pipe Dreams initially appear vastly different, they actually hold many training and technical aspects in common.  Skull Valley is named for the skull shaped rock climbing holds, which must be traversed using grip strength in a sideways motion. At the 2018 OCRWC this was followed by floating monkey bars, and then…

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