Many of you live in areas where outdoor climbing isn’t available to you.  Lunges, pushing/pulling sleds, dragging tires, treadmills at incline, and stair-climbers are ways to make up for it.  There are many top athletes in our sport who use these type of training methods to make up for not living in a geographical area that provides climbing. Enjoy this training session and shoot me a message if you if you have any questions about the session or

Yancy Camp Workout #3

  • Aerobic training zone pace run x 7min – transition to tempo pace run x 3min
  • lunges x 100
  • farmer’s walk x 90sec,
  • pull-up x 1, 5sec hang – continue repeating until forced to drop
  • farmer’s walk x 60sec
  • pull-up x 1, 5sec hang – continue repeating until forced to drop
  • This completes 1 round – continue repeating for 6 rounds.
  • Once you complete the 6 rounds move on to the 2nd phase of the session:
  • Towel hang for max time, rest x 20sec, continue repeating until you’re not able to hang for longer than 5sec, move the rest period to 30sec and continue until you’re no longer able to hang for longer than 5sec.

Note the following:

*Aerobic training zone pace is 75-85% of max HR or if going by feel, comfortably fast – right around marathon race pace.

*Tempo pace is appx 85-90% of max HR, or if going by feel, comfortably fast but right on the verge of uncomfortable.

*The farmer’s walk is in place to fatigue your grip before moving to the pull-up and hang section.

*If you’re unable to complete pull-ups, you can perform what I call “assisted pull-ups”.  Drape a towel or rope over a branch or bar and ensure its low enough to where your feet can touch the ground.   During the pull-up you can jump off the ground to assist.  Start off reaching as high as possible using just enough pop off the ground to complete the pull-up, and you can drop hands lower as fatigue sets in.  During the 5sec hang period, allow feet to touch the ground just enough to take a little stress off your grip and pull muscles.