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Six Reasons to Run the Team Relay at the OCRWC

After pushing hard for the last couple of days doing the 100M Championships, 3K Championships and 15K Championships at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC), you have to decide if you are going to toe the start line one more time for the final day of racing.  If I can give you one piece of advice for this year’s OCRWC it is this… RUN THE TEAM RELAY.  I’ve done the team race every year I’ve been at OCRWC and North American OCR Championships and here’s why you should too:

1. It’s the Most Fun You’ll Have All Weekend

The number one reason is this, it is the most fun event of the weekend.  Every year after every team event I confirm this to be true.  My favorite memories for Adventurey’s championship events are slipping and sliding down the mountain then flying across obstacles with my team in rainy conditions.  You’ll love the feeling of accomplishment crossing that finish line with hands raised in triumphant victory with your teammates.

2. Build That Mental Strength a Little Bit More

Racing hard multiple days in a row isn’t easy, especially if you are trying to do well at every event.  However, challenging experiences make future hard times easier.  You’ll find that if you can race hard multiple times in one weekend it will make future single day events seem easier.

3. You’ll Run Harder When Someone Is Counting On You

We’ve all been on the course when it is just not our day.  While you probably still crossed the finish line it probably was not a performance you were proud of.  When racing the team event you’ll be able to dig deeper and perform better knowing there is a team counting on you.  Use this to perform above your normal potential to find out how fast you can truly go.

4. Complete the Competitive Collection


If you are still around racing on Sunday chances are you are you have already completed all other competitive events at OCRWC’s weekend (100M, 3K and 15K).  Are you really going to walk away now with only three of the four competitive medals?

5. One More Chance At Glory

Group of athletes holding a check at the podium

Hopefully you still have three bands intact by this point, but sometimes races don’t go our way.  Racing the team event is arguably the easiest place to keep your 100% obstacle completion band because you can choose which section you are running allowing you to play to your strengths.  Whether you are a fast runner, strength based OCR athlete or thrive on challenging obstacles this is your final chance to keep your band at the OCRWC.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice


OCRWC is home to the most unique set of obstacles in the OCR world.  Multiple obstacles from multiple brands as well as a mix of original ones await you on the slopes of Stratton Mountain.  There is only one weekend in the world you get to practice on these obstacles.  Whether you are trying to improve on your skill for this year or prepare for next year, having another run at all the obstacles adds a little bit more to your obstacle experience. Want to know more, read about the 10,000 Hour Rule.

All of these reasons make great excuses to compete in the team event but I’ll bring you back to the importance of number one, it is the most fun event of the weekend.  The feeling and photo you will get from crossing that finish line holding hands with two of your friends in the sport is something you will always cherish.  OCR is about overcoming obstacles and having your friends there to share in the moment makes everything that much better.

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Evan Perperis
Written By
Evan Perperis

Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis is a National Strength & Conditioning Association- Certified Personnel Trainer (NSCA-CPT) and an athlete on the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team with 55+ podium finishes including 2nd place Pro Coed finish at 2018 North American OCR Championship. He is best known for his annual ultra-distance charity events for Folds of Honor including a 48 hour multi-lap and the 8 day OCR America. Additionally, he is an author of more than 250 articles and six books on Obstacle Course Racing.

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