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Ben Seymour Week 9 Enduro Workout

There are only 9 weeks to go until we see you out at Dargle Farm on June 8+9, ready to take on the 2019 #Enduro, but there’s plenty of time to hone your fitness before race weekend. And to help, we’ve got another week of workouts for you from Ben Seymour!

3 x 10 weighted squats with 3131 tempo
2 min rest between sets

MAX pullups
30 flutter kicks
30 hollow rocks

4 x rounds
25cal bike/row
25 TTB

2 x rounds 
50cal bike/row
50 wall balls

1 x round
100cal row
100 burpees

10min warmup (light run/ski/row)

2 x rounds
40cal row
500m run
30 Dball or Dbell walking lunges
500m run
20 pull-ups
500m run
10 Dball or Dbell push-up to OH press
500m run

3 x 10 Deadlift with 3131 tempo
2 mins rest
10 reps Strict Press with 3131 tempo
Strongman Carry 40m

Dbell Complex – 3 rounds
6 Cleans (from the ground)
6 Front Squats
6 Push Press
6 Front Squats
200m Ski/Row

500m run
8 ring push-ups
300m run
12 ring push-ups
200m run
16 ring push-ups
100m run

10min warmup (light run/ski/row/mobility)

EMOM x 12
10 x Burpees
10cals ski/row
Increase cals by 2 each round (10/12/14/16 etc)

EMOM x 12
Sled Lap 30m OR walking lunges
Assault Bike 16cals
Increase cals by 2 each round (16/18/20 etc)

EMOM x 12
200m run
2 Dball GTS
Increase Dball reps by 2 each round

With each EMOM set, minute one is the first component (i.e. burpees), and the second minute is the ski/row. Then you repeat but increase the cals or reps as stated. Whatever remainder in each minute is your rest.

3 x 10 Bench Press with 3131 tempo
2 min rest between sets
10 Renegade Row
Sled Press – Row OR Incline Bench & Seated Row
20m each for sled or 12 reps each

10min AMRAP
5.5. S/A Push Press
5 Box Jump Overs
5 TTB (strict)

10min AMRAP
2-4-6-8…cals on ski/row
12 Push-ups after each effort

200 tricep extensions (cable or band)
200 band bicep curls

Long Run
Beginner – 7.5km
Intermediate – 10km
Advanced – 12 km 

Tips from Benny to keep in mind: 

All runs should be conducted at an easy pace. The run is more important than fitting in all of the other sessions in the week so please make this training program work around you and your schedule!

Please ensure you are working at an intensity that your body can handle and represents your training level. This is about building you up for your race, not breaking you down before it. ALL sessions are scalable and weights should be challenging, but still ensuring correct form.

Hit Benny up via his Instagram page and ask! He’s always open to helping out a fellow fitness or Enduro fanatic.

GTS: Ground to Shoulder
GTOH: Ground to Over Head
OH: Overhead
S/A: Single Arm
TTB: Toes to Bar
Dball: Deadball
Dbell: Dumbell(s)
5.5 style numbering indicates 5 reps per side
3131 tempo or similar indicates: 3 seconds down, 1 second hold, 3 seconds up and 1 second hold

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