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Yancy Camp Workout of the Week #1

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_facebook type=”standard”][vc_column_text]Yancy CulpWith just over two months left until race day, we bet you are wondering what you could be doing so that you’re prepared to take on OCRWC course. So to allay those fears, we’ve partnered with famed Obstacle Course Racing Coach Yancy Culp of Yancy Camp to provide you with weekly workouts from now until race day. These workouts are designed to cover a wide range of strengths and skills that you will need to make it through the OCRWC course.

If you’re looking for a daily workout, you may want to consider enrolling in one of Yancy’s excellent online coaching programs for access to the some of training programs of some of OCR’s brightest athletes & coaches.

OCRWC Weekly Workout #1:

There are four basic things we’ve learned as OCR coaches over the past five years. These four things can be a game changer for top tier OCR athlete or athletes looking to improve out on course and become more obstacle proficient.

  • Running – All OCR courses require a lot of running. If you want to excel in the sport, you need to be a strong runner
  • Climbing – The majority of courses are packed with a lot of climbing (OCRWC’s is definitely no exception). If you want to excel in the sport, you need to be a strong climber
  • Grip/pull strength & grip/pull strength endurance – The majority of course are packed with numerous upper body obstacles that are going to test your grip and pull strength and grip/pull strength endurance. If you want to excel in the sport, you need to develop the ability to conquer upper body obstacles that will be scattered throughout the entire course.
  • Carry heavy stuff – The majority of course require you to carry heavy stuff and most of the time, you’re required to carry heavy stuff uphill. If you want to excel in the sport, you need to develop the ability to carry heavy stuff uphill fast and efficient.

I use this basic bullet point plan as the foundation for developing the training plans for many top elite athletes in our sport.

Workout #1:

Treadmill x 15% incline x 7min, strict pull-ups (no kipping) x 10, lunges x 40, pull-ups x 5, treadmill w/no incline x 7min, repeat exercises, 15% incline x 6min, repeat exercises, no incline x 6min, repeat exercises, 15% x 5min, repeat exercises, no incline x 5min, repeat exercises, 15% x 4min, repeat exercises, no incline x 4min, repeat exercises.

  • Pacing – For 7 & 5min runs use aerobic training zone pace (appx 75-85% of max HR. If you’re going by feel vs HR monitor training,  go with a fast pace but always comfortable feeling like you could definitely crank up the pace at any time if needed.
  • Pacing – For 6 & 4min runs use tempo pace (appx 85-90% of max HR. If you’re going by feel, this pace I slightly faster than the description above.  Still comfortable but right on that fine line of being uncomfortable.
  • Modification for pull-ups would be lat pull-downs or asst pull-ups.

You can do a version of this workout outdoors if you have a long sustained climb but you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to run back down after each uphill run.  For the flats, just go out for half the time and turn around. I prefer to do the workouts outdoor when possible.

– Coach Yancy

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The OCR World Championships is the first truly independent championship event designed to celebrate the athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

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