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Wreck Bag Named the Official Heavy Bag of the 2017 USOCRC and OCRWC

“The Wreck Bag brand is synonymous with indestructibility, versatility and comfort,” said Sandra Sawyer, sponsorship director of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships and United States Obstacle Course Racing Championships. “Since Wreck Bags are weather-resistant, shock-absorbing and perfectly weight balanced with a rubber fill, athletes can do virtually anything anywhere, from curling and carrying to squatting and tossing. To say we’re delighted that Wreck Bag will be the official heavy bag of the inaugural 2017 U.S. OCR Championships and the 2017 OCR World Championships is an understatement. It’s an honor to partner with them year after year, and it’s easy to see why the iconic Wreck Bag carry has become one of the most historical challenges athletes face when taking on the course!”

As part of the partnership, custom Wreck Bags will be used at the USOCRC in Mountain Home, Texas, in September and the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in Blue Mountain, Canada, in October, and will be available for sale at a discounted price at the end of the event.

“Wreck Bag is thrilled to be a part of the OCRWC for yet another incredible year and so honored to be included in the inaugural USOCRC,” said Lindsay Pettinelli, Sales Director of Lindon Group, the innovators behind the Wreck Bag. “We take great pride in aligning ourselves with organizations that share our passion and values, as well as our ambition to advance the sport of obstacle course racing. The OCRWC and USOCRC are world-class, athlete-centric events that we plan on supporting for many years to come. Here’s to a great 2017 race season”

About Wreck Bag

Wreck Bag has been a fitness & OCR staple since it was first debuted at F.I.T. Challenge in 2014. Since that time, Wreck Bag has taken the fitness scene by storm with a revolutionary design and virtually limitless versatility. Unlike other strength-training bags, the Wreck Bag has a mold and mildew-resistant weatherproof outer shell and ships prefilled filled with a rubber blend instead of sand, ensuring accurate bag weight, leak prevention and comfort. Easy-grip handles and a simple-to-clean, scratch-free surface do even more to make it one of the most multi-functional and portable total-body fitness products on the market. Wreck Bags have been carried, hoisted and tossed in over 15 different Obstacle Course Race Series worldwide and voted 2014 “Best New Product” and 2015 and 2016 “Best OCR Training Tool” By Mud Run Guide Readers. In July of 2017, Wreck Bag became the Official Training Bag of Ben Bergeron’s CompTrain and is the Official Bag of Alex Nicholas’ EPIC Hybrid Training centers. Wreck Bags are available in 5# to 150# increments on

About the OCR World Championships

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships is the first and only independent global championship event designed to celebrate athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing. Held October 13-15, 2017, in Canada’s Blue Mountains, the three-day event will be one of the most diverse and challenging competitive events in the sport and will draw athletes from over 40 nations.


About Design Shorty & Company:

Design Shorty & Company are highly respected master brand builders proud to be in their third year working with the OCRWC. Specializing in corporate and event branding and known for their creative passion and client commitment, Design Shorty & Company boasts experts in every field of communication. Their crackerjack team of marketers, designers, videographers, writers and editors ensures that all aspects of the branding process, from generating stellar ideas and launching online marketing initiatives to securing sponsorships and executing projects on-site, run smoothly and successfully. For more information, visit:

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The OCR World Championships is the first truly independent championship event designed to celebrate the athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

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