This month World OCR Rankings sees the first couple of OCR, Atkins (CAN, 1) & Webster (CAN, 1) comfortably top both the male and the female leaderboards. After a strong month for Atkins, including a win at the NJ Spartan Ultra Beast, he retains 1st position, whilst Webster moves up 2 places to clinch the number 1 spot after dropping to 3rd last month.

An injury for Hammond (USA, 8) has seen her drop 6 places whilst she takes some time to recover, this has paved the way for Steensgaard (DEN, 3) to break into the top 3 for the first time this year.

Superb performances by Karlsson (SWE, 4), most notably her Tough Viking victory, have seen her gain 5 places, proving it would be foolish to discount the talent across the pond.

Last month’s newcomer Nedene Cahill (SA, 7) has continued her path of success, after entering the lower rankings last month as a wildcard, she has gained an impressive 6 places to enter the top 10 at 7th .

Elsewhere, in the men’s results VeeJay Jones (USA, 2) continues his unstoppable OCR takeover, climbing two places to 2nd. The battle for 1st place between himself and Atkins will be an exciting competition to follow in the coming months.

3rd place is awarded to Debusschere (BEL, 3) after another impressive performance at the OCR Series round 5, with last months 2nd (Woods, USA, 9) & 3rd (Kempson, USA, 8) dropping to the lower area of the top 10.

Dam (DEN, 10) has made an impressive gain of 8 places to once again re-enter the top 10 after his third place victory at the 5th round of the OCR Series.

Ones to Watch

Bradley Claase (SA, 12) secured a victory at Warrior Race SA Elite which brought him to the attention of our committee as a wildcard nominee, although not securing enough votes yet to enter the top 10.