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World OCR Rankings – July 2023

July was a surprisingly quiet month in OCR with fewer events happening than we have been used to, but the ones that did delivered a punch.

We can’t talk about July without mentioned the return of Lindsay Webster (CAN, 2) and Ryan Atkins (CAN, 2). The Canadian power couple of OCR returned to the scene for the Poconos 3k sprint, part of the NA Spartan Champs series. Webster taking first place in a strong and triumphant run, and Atkins taking second in the mens. Both were pipped to the top spot on this months board by Ryan Kempson (USA, 1) and Kris Rugloski (USA, 1) who both raced at Savage this month.

Despite leading the majority of the race, Kempson came second behind Shawn Roberts (USA, 6), in a photo finish, where both athletes sprinted for the finish line in some of the most dramatic final seconds we’ve witnessed in competitive OCR. Kempson’s close second at Savage, plus the first place at Poconos gave him the top spot with a unanimous score of 15. Rugloski, on the other hand took first place at Savage, and second at Poconos. After not leading the race, and running her own pace, she overtook a cohort of female athletes stuck at an obstacle, and went on to claim victory. She topped the leaderboard with 14.50.

Although not placing in the top ten, a huge shout out goes to 18 year old Noah Buscher who ran a strong and steady race at Savage, taking third place after the final rig caused problems for other athletes. Throughout the race he showed he deserved his 3rd place finish, and we have our eyes on him to see what he does next.

European queen Eszter Hortobagyiova (CZE, 5), dropped 4 places to 5th with a strong first place at Spartan Vac, also racing at Vac was Belarusian athlete Artisom Tochka (BLR, 8) in 8th position on the mens board.

British athletes Jason Brunnock (UK, 9), Andrea Berquez (UK, 6), and Josie Lloyd (UK, 8), made their first appearances after a double weekend at Total Warrior and Spartan Midlands. Brunnock taking 3rd at Total warrior, 2nd in the Super, and 3rd in the Sprint. Berquez with a double win at Midlands Super and Total Warrior.

Also at Midlands was Slovakian athlete Jan Vlader (SVK, 5) who had a triple win on the Sprint, Super, and Beast.






Etch Your Name In OCR History
Etch Your Name In OCR History
October 4-6, 2024 | California, USA
Francesca Chiorando
Written By
Francesca Chiorando

Francesca started running OCR in 2013, and after devouring all the information she could find on the sport, she began writing about it herself. With OCR quickly gaining traction in the UK where she lives, she launched her own site, Mud Is My Makeup, in 2014.

Since then she has gone on to produce content for publications including OCR Europe, Mud Run Guide, Mudstacle, Obstacle Race Magazine, and Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine, as well as OCRWC.

Francesca loves exploring every aspect of the sport as much as she loves to explore the courses themselves. Very much an average athlete, her goal has always been to encourage the everyday person to get muddy and active and discover how much joy suffering out on a course can bring.

Her first experience of OCRWC was the epic Blue Mountain in 2016, although she’d been following the event from the early days. The whole atmosphere, set up, and experience had her hooked and she knew that this was an organization that she not only wanted to support, but be involved with, and to help bring the spirit of OCRWC to a wider audience.

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