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OCRWC Partners with FitFighter

Adventurey, producers of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, announced today its partnership with FitFighter which will designate FitFighter as the official heavy carry partner of the 2022 OCR World Championships.

“We are incredibly honored to introduce the OCR community to FitFighter and their innovative Steelhose products,” said Adrian Bijanada, Adventurey CEO & Founder. “We are thrilled to feature FitFighter Steelhoses on this year’s course which will challenge the world’s best athletes in new and exciting ways.”

“The OCR community is special and to be part of this amazing event is an absolute honor for the FitFighter team. And knowing how OCR athletes train and challenge themselves, I think they are going to have an absolute blast with the versatility of the Steelhoses,” says Jarod Cogswell, FitFighter’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

The FitFighter Steelhose will be featured at this year’s world championships as part of the heavy carry and speed course sections of the 3k,15K and Team Relay races. This product comes in weights from five to fifty pounds and its innovative design and firm-yet-flexible bulletproof durability allows for infinite ways to train, and “lift, swing, toss, drag, drop, rotate, and advance through progressions like no other training system.”

FitFighter products will be on-site at Stratton Mountain Resort for this year’s world championships and available to all athletes, their supporters, and spectators throughout the four-day event. In addition, all OCRWC athletes can begin training right away and receive 15% off all FitFighter Steelhoses by visiting and using promo code ‘OCRWC15’.

About Adventurey and the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships: Created by Adventurey, the OCR World Championships are the only independent global championships for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. The 2022 OCR World Championships will be held September 22-25 at Stratton Mountain Resort, Vermont, USA. With cash and prizes for winners, the event will attract more than 5,000 athletes from over 65 nations and feature the best OCR racers in the world.

About FitFighter: FitFighter was founded to make first responders better prepared for the rigors of their job. Now FitFighter has brought its training system to the gym, home, park, yard, basement, beach, turf, training room, or wherever it is people love to get strong.
Anyone, at any time, can begin their journey to lifelong strength and crush their everyday mission. FitFighter is here to give you that freedom to live a happier, healthier, life. For more information visit

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The OCR World Championships is the first truly independent championship event designed to celebrate the athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

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