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5 Reasons OCR Athletes Should Try Compression

It is no secret that OCR athletes put their bodies through some of the most rigorous physical tests there are, as preparing for the unknown of an OCR course is no easy task. The variety of dynamic movements the body must endure may seem a little overwhelming, but OCR athletes all over the world have discovered a secret weapon when it comes to staying healthy: Compression Apparel. True Performance Compression Apparel is the magic layer that allows us athletes to go hard, recover, and go hard again. What is it about these garments that make them unique? The OCR World Championships Compression Apparel partner, DFND, gives us the top 5 secrets behind the magic.

1. Muscle Containment

Keeping muscle vibration (oscillation) to a minimum is the number one gift you can give your body. The fatigue caused by repeated movement and muscle oscillation, can cause microtears in the muscles, fatigue, soreness and an overall reduction in power. Wearing performance compression apparel will support your body and muscles as you work, and decrease the vibrations that cause the decrease in performance. All DFND compression products are constructed with a blend of powerful proprietary circular knit fabrics that are specifically designed with muscle protection and improved power output in mind.

2. Increased Blood Flow

When looking for compression apparel, make sure you are selecting circulation stimulating, graduated compression items. This means that the products exert the greatest pressure (fit tighter) at the extremities and gradually decrease as you get closer to the heart. This pressure gradient ensures that blood flows upward toward the heart, helping your body flush out lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. In addition improved oxygenation reduces the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and speeds up muscle repair.

3. Sun Protection


The sun will take its toll on the body, whether you like it or not. While our first instinct may be to wear as little as possible, or hope the sunscreen stays put (spoiler: it won’t), actually covering our skin with the right layer is your best choice.  DFND Compression Apparel has SPF50+ sun protection built right into the fabric, keeping your skin covered and out of the reach of the most harmful of the suns effects.

4. Temperature Control


Keeping your internal body temperature regulated can be the game changing factor in your day. Nutrition and hydration are KEY in this, but the apparel you choose should not be taken for granted, as the right product can make or break your day.

All DFND Compression products are treated with a permanent textile enhancer called FUZE. In addition to the sun protection, FUZE improves evaporation rates, supports thermal dynamic cooling, and significantly improves sweat evaporation ensuring your clothing will be working with you, not against you.

5. Anti Microbial

Through mud, water, sweat, dirt (and who knows what else), there is no limit to what we go through as OCR athletes. The elements can build up on our skin and clothes, creating a breeding ground for toxic bacteria. DFND Compression products treated with FUZE kill these dangerous bacteria particles as they spread, keeping the wearer safe from infection.

The unique properties of DFND Compression will decrease fatigue, regulate body temperature, block the sun, dry quickly, and keep moisture off your skin. Newest training buddy? Race day secret weapon? We know so.

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DFND Compression
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DFND Compression

Started in 2015, DFND (pronounced “de-fend”) is the brainchild of two industry veterans whose aim was to bring quality performance apparel to the people who needed it most; our US Military and First Responders. Proudly specializing in developing products that maximize human performance, DFND currently offers a Graduated Compression for Injury Prevention, Training, and Recovery, a complete line of Training Gear and a specialized Fire Resistant (FR) line. Every item that DFND offers is entirely Made in the USA and 100% Berry Compliant, and is uniquely crafted to support the needs of athletes training at any level.

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