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The 2019 OCRWC 100M Sprint to be powered by Urban-sky

Adventurey is thrilled to announce that the 100-meter OCR World Championships will be powered by Urban-Sky.

Adventurey is always at the forefront of competitive OCR, and strive to deliver ever greater events to the best athletes. With each year seeing more developments and partnerships, it is with great pride that we release details of the innovative 100m course due to debut at the 6th annual Obstacle Course Racing World Championships this October, in London, UK.

Partnering with obstacle specialists Urban-sky, the 100m short course is designed to test racers in a way yet unseen at OCRWC.

“The beauty of Obstacle Course Racing is the variety,” said Adrian Bijanada, founder and CEO of Adventurey. “Each and every course tests athletes differently, and with such an exciting and innovative sport, it is only right and fair to continue to push the boundaries and offer every athlete the opportunity to challenge themselves and succeed. There is no one type of obstacle course racer and no one type of OCR. This is why we have added this 5th event to our 3 day event weekend.”

2019 ocrwc urban sky
OCR European Championship Urban-Sky,  Photographed by Harm Dommisse

“With the design of the 100m course, we wanted to create something that is a spectacle for supporters, but most importantly an incredible experience for the racers. With a short distance, we can create something powerful and exciting, and we have modified several of our signature obstacles to make something very special,” said Rick Urban, Founder & Head of Design of Urban-sky

“The custom design means we can adapt the course throughout heats, and there’s a unique area where participants and spectators cross, allowing for the greatest support, and a different type of challenge to the racer. We are thrilled to partner with OCRWC to create the 100m race, and make OCR history. ”

Register for the Obstacle Course Racing World Champions 2019, taking place in London, UK October 11th-13th, and test yourself against the best in the world.

urban sky
OCR European Championship Urban-Sky, Photographed by Harm Dommisse

About Adventurey

Founded in 2013, Adventurey is a leading innovator in the endurance sporting event market that produces and markets premier sporting events that offer unparalleled experiences for athletes and spectators. Other events include the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, 24-Hour Enduro Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, South Africa Obstacle Course Racing Championships, and the Empire State Marathon.

About Urban-sky

Urban-sky obstacles design division Europe is a company that is specialized in the design and building of obstacles at OCR/Ninja events and rigs at training facilities. The main work territory is in Mid and North Europe from Austria/ Switzerland to Sweden and Norway. Urban Sky is a leading company in obstacle course racing and their obstacles are highly demanded by elite racers. Among their clients are OCRWC, OCREC, Red Bull, and Strong Viking.

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The OCR World Championships is the first truly independent championship event designed to celebrate the athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

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