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100% Natural, Nutrient-Balanced Veloforte Bars and Bites Official Nutrition Partner

There’s undeniable truth in the adage “you are what you eat,” and serious athletes know that balanced nutrition before, during and after events is crucial to achieving optimal physical and mental performance. This is exactly why UK-based nutrition company Veloforte started making its award-winning energy bars and bites two years ago, and why it is Adventurey’s new partner for the 2018 OCR World Championships Oct. 19-21 in London. Veloforte’s delicious 100 percent natural handmade creations provide athletes with the perfect blend of endurance-inducing proteins, carbs and fiber, and will be available for sampling during the OCR World Championships weekend.

“From racing to recovery, athletes need to be in the best possible shape at all stages of the competition, so Veloforte’s impressive blend of whole fruits and nuts is perfect for elevating endurance levels and keeping bodies balanced,” said Adventurey Partnerships Director Sandra Sawyer. “We appreciate Veloforte’s dedication to making all-natural performance-enhancing products and are honored to be partnering with Veloforte for this year’s OCR World Championships. We know our athletes will appreciate the heart and integrity behind Veloforte’s bars and love their taste and results!”

“We are genuinely delighted to be Partnering with Adventurey for the OCR World Championships this year,” said Veloforte’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Steve Marson. “We offer the perfect real food pre, during and post race, as well as training with a uniquely considered mix of ingredients that supply the body with energy in the way that nature intended it to. Our Head Chef has developed bars that are perfect for all forms of activity but they are incredibly well suited to Endurance Racing.”

Veloforte’s line of all-day energy, caffeine, protein and salted bars and bites will be featured at the village sampling lounge. Check out their myriad flavors and read about each product’s powerful benefits at

About Veloforte

Our founding belief is that everyone should have access to exceptional quality, delicious, real food to fuel their active lifestyle & endurance exercise. Based on an Ancient Italian fortifier, Veloforte was created by sourcing the finest ingredients to deliver the most powerful and delicious energy bars on the market and they are 100% natural too. Having started in the Cycling market Veloforte has quickly grown to be the bar of choice for Triathletes, Ultra-Marathon Runners, Ironman Athletes and many others too.

About Adventurey, LLC

Founded in 2013, Adventurey is a leading innovator in the endurance sporting event market that produces and markets premier sporting events that offer unparalleled experiences for athletes and spectators. Other events include the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, 24-Hour Enduro Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, South Africa Obstacle Course Racing Championships, and the Empire State Marathon. Learn more at

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The OCR World Championships is the first truly independent championship event designed to celebrate the athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

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