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Celebrating Moms Who Race: The OCR Journey

Mothers racing in an OCR race, running past the finish line with determination.

To celebrate Mother’s Day we talk to two of our most loved female athletes: two incredible women with very different journeys into OCR, but with one big thing in common, being a Mom who races. Natalie Miano is an Elite racer, and mother of two boys, and Rose Wetzel also an Elite female, and mother…

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How To Overcome the Fear of Failure

overcome the fear of failure

Failure is subjective, but for all of us it is borne from our expectations. What for one would be a failure, for another would be their wildest dreams. Failure comes in many disguises from “people will laugh at me” to “I won’t be strong enough”… from an insecurity of our own personal vision, to an…

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What To Expect At Your First Obstacle Course Race

obstacle course racing crawls

You’re taking on your very first Obstacle Course Race, whether it’s a Spartan, Tough Mudder, or the open 7km at the OCRWC. Maybe you’re running elite and hoping to compete, or perhaps you’re running with a group of friends for charity. Chances are you’re probably a little bit nervous, and wondering what’s going to happen….

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The OCR Standard: One Band For All

OCR Obstacle Difficulty

Obstacle difficulty is a common topic online in the OCR World Championships Athletes Group (why aren’t you part of the group yet?…join here) and in other Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) communities.  One of the sub-topics in this is “Should there be different OCR standards for Pro vs. Age Group?”  Specifically, I want to talk about…

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