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Enduro Prep With Hammer Nutrition

enduro prep with hammer nutrition

If you are planning on racing the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Enduro World Championships, you’re going to need to fuel consistently.  Spending 24 hours on the course moving forward requires a constant stream of calories whether you are running the whole time going for the win or simply happy with crossing the finish line after…

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Prepping for the 15k OCRWC with Hammer Nutrition

A man racing through a 15k OCRWC race

It’s only 15k, why do I need fuel?  Well if you are running the North American OCR Championship (NORAM) course in an hour and a half, you may not need fuel.  If you are like most of the athletes on the course spending between two and six hours on the course, you are going to…

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How To Prep for the 3k OCRWC with Hammer Nutrition

A women participating in the OCRC 3k race

Adventurey is proud to have Hammer Nutrition back as the leading nutritional sponsor for 2019’s North American OCR Championships (NORAM).  Whether you are headed to OCR World Championships (OCRWC) or NORAM your fuelling for each event will look pretty similar.  What to purchase to be OCRWC race day ready: Peaking Essentials Before you toe the…

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