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Enduro Prep With Hammer Nutrition

enduro prep with hammer nutrition

If you are planning on racing the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Enduro World Championships, you’re going to need to fuel consistently.  Spending 24 hours on the course moving forward requires a constant stream of calories whether you are running the whole time going for the win or simply happy with crossing the finish line after…

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Training for the OCRWC vs Enduro: 5 Big Differences

ocr enduro

     You may be an experienced Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athlete, racing all across the globe in all different brands.  You’ve earned your trifecta, have a rainbow-colored assortment of headbands and a trophy shelf full of fancy medals.  Well if you are new to the world of Ultra-OCR, you are in for a treat.  Enduro, endurance…

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How To Beat Jet Lag and How It Affects OCR Performance

Nowadays, traveling for an Obstacle Course Race doesn’t mean just crossing a few state lines, it’s more likely to mean crossing a few time zones. Whilst travel is part of the allure of distant races, the change in time can cause havoc with your body, and can genuinely affect your performance of the race that…

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