International OCR Committee Voting Members

Our International OCR Committee is a collective of prominent and well-informed OCR media figures, who were chosen specifically for their knowledge, their impartiality, and their passion for OCR.

The International OCR Committee contributes to the OCR World Championships Top 10 OCR Athletes Rankings system. In addition to consistently reviewing results, our members have regular conversations together, sharing pertinent performances from their region, discussing these and anything else that might affect their decisions. With votes being cast monthly by the committee, this system aims to rank athletes worldwide who are unable to compete against each other, before they compete head-to-head at the World Championships taking place in October 2020. This initiative marks the first time athletes are ranked across multiple brands worldwide.

International OCR Committee Members

  • Brett Stewart, USA
    As the Co-Founder & CEO of Mud Run Guide, the leading US authority on OCR, Brett reports on race results before the races do. With an inside track on what is happening stateside, and a great thirst for worldwide news, Brett is eager to root out the best talent OCR has to offer.
  • Dirk Schrama, Netherlands
    Dirk is the Founder of Dutch Mud Men &, the leading OR Community in the Netherlands. He is our eyes and ears in Europe and has been involved in the OCR scene since the early days. Through OCR, he has created great friendships and links with the UK and worldwide.
  • Adam Jacobs, UK
    Adam has been competing in OCR since 2014 and has attended OCRWC since 2015. He is very knowledgable of the global OCR scene through his work with Mudstacle.
  • Jojo Brown, UK
    One half of UK Mudd Queens HQ, the voice of the OCRWC live feed, and the behind the scenes muscle of Nuts Challenge UK. It’s clear Jojo has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the current goings on of OCR. With an honest and analytical approach, Jojo is perfectly placed to be an impartial measure of OCR performance.
  • Alec Avierinos, South Africa
    Alec, a happily married father of four awesome kids, is the founder of SA OCR & Nevarest Team. As the 2018 50+ OCRWC Enduro winner and the SA OCR Championships 50+ & Warrior series champion 50+, he is with good competitive experience in OCR . Alec loves all things adventure racing and OCR. In addition, he is passionate about growing the sport of OCR, particularly utilizing IT solutions.
  • Sabrina Zammit, Australia
    OCR and fitness enthusiast, Sabrina is originally from the UK but migrated to Australia. She has competed as part of Team Australia at OCRWC in the USA, Canada, and UK.
  • Seb David, Montreal, Canada
    Seb is lucky enough to race all over, having competed in OCRs on 3 continents, in 10 different countries and about as many US states, giving him an international perspective on the sport and its athletes. Through this admittedly subjective ranking system, he hopes to shine some light on deserving but lesser-known athletes.
  • Michael Mark, USA
    Michael is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of FitLincMedia and FitLincMedia helps OCR athletes and businesses build their brands, manage social media and connect around sponsorship. is the world’s largest OCR membership community for athletes and businesses. Between the two, Michael is connected to all that’s happening in OCR.
  • Tom Nash, UK
    Tom has been a prominent fixture on the UK OCR scene since 2013 through his work with Mudstacle and Team UK OCR. Tom has gained extensive knowledge of OCR across Europe, Scandinavia and North America having competed in over 250 races across several countries and has raced at the OCRWC in Age Group since 2015. Tom founded Team UK OCR in 2015 on the basis of uniting all of the UK teams under one United Kingdom banner and they are consistently one of largest representations at the OCRWC each year.

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