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The Best Shoes for OCR in 2020

ocr addict

One of the first concerns someone has when planning their first obstacle course race or mud run is what kit they need. Often the biggest question is “What are the best shoes for OCR”. Whilst no one can tell you what the best shoe for you is, we can take a look at what options…

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OCR Off-Season Training Like A Pro

ocr off-season training

The end of the year is an important time for OCR athletes, it heralds the beginning of “Off-Season”. After seeing this phrase thrown around on social media, I wanted to find out more about what the best in the business do when the competition season ends. I spoke to some of our Pro OCR friends,…

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Be a Better Runner With Mobility & Stability

Do you want to be a better runner? A lot has been said regarding the pitfalls of over striding while running.  As a matter of fact, I travel the country explaining to OCR athletes why this flaw in running is so catastrophic. So why is it that some athletes are able to get away with…

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2017 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships Return to Blue Mountain Resort

The 2017 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships will return to Blue Mountain Resort, one of the largest mountain resorts in Ontario, Canada for a second year of international competition. In its fourth year, the OCRWC has grown significantly since its inaugural race in 2014 with the 2016 event attractive over 3,000 athletes spanning 44 countries. The 2017…

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Win a $1,000+ OCR World Championships Prize Package From Wreck Bag

You push, pull, throw, row, squat, slam, curl, carry, hoist, toss and jump them to keep your body in killer condition. Wreck Bags offer a total workout package. And now Wreck Bag, sponsor and official weight bag of the 2016 OCR World Championships, will give one lucky OCRWC 2016 athlete a total VIP package worth more than $1,000!

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Muscle Ropes To Be Featured in 2016 OCR World Championships

Muscle Ropes was founded in 2011 with the simple goal of developing top-quality workout ropes worthy of professional athletes, first responders and our armed forces. Over the past several years, we have outfitted thousands of individuals, trainers and athletic programs with our ropes and have used their feedback to continuously adapt and improve our products.

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