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Obstacle Difficulty: What is the Right Level Of Hard For OCR Races?

woman in an obstacle course race

Obstacle Difficulty vs. obstacle proficiency As I enter my 7th year racing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), I’ve found most people’s answer comes down to this: I want the obstacles to be hard enough that I’m challenged but still get through, while everyone who isn’t as good on obstacles as me, can’t get through. Or in other…

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For Medal or For Honor? OCR Racing with Integrity

Obstacle course racers at the finish line celebrating.

It’s Monday, post race weekend and you have the post race blues. You get to thinking about things you saw on the course and boy does it start to wind you up something rotten. You put your heart and soul into that race and you’re not going to accept someone else racing without integrity, so…

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Mental Toughness: 5 Ways to Up Your OCR Mental Game

Celebrating moms who race on mothers day

Who’s noticed it recently, a phenomenon on the start line… Mutterings of “Well I’ll try for this but…”. Half hearted efforts and undefined goals. Pre excuses before a race has even begun. I almost ask myself, why are you even here? It’s quite simple to explain: people are scared. They’re afraid if they state a…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can OCR Be Too Hard?

Obstacle course difficulty

It’s a simple question, can you make an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) that is too hard? Well the answer is yes…and no…actually it’s really complicated and depends on the type of race, who the targeted consumer is and what do you mean by too hard.  For purposes of this article, I’m referring to obstacle difficulty…

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3 Reasons Why Burpees Are the Most Overrated OCR Training Exercise

ocr training

Yeah, that’s right…I said it…burpees are the most overrated Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training exercise. Hold on let me adjust the filter on my email inbox to account for all the hate mail I’m about to receive…. Okay, let’s continue with the Op-Ed. Before you go into a tirade about what an awful person I…

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What You Should Know About Racing the Enduro

A few weeks ago we covered Five Things you Need to Know for Enduro: Travel. Now that your travel plans are set, it is time to focus on your reason for the trip: Racing the Enduro. This topic is much larger than a single article, in fact it is so big, I wrote a book…

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Myths Debunked: OCR for Beginners

Man lifting sand bag during obstacle course race.

As big as the sport of Obstacle Course Racing is, and is becoming, there are still a lot of people who don’t know what it is. For OCR beginners  who have heard of it but don’t take part, there are a lot of misconceptions that we wish we could correct. Over the years, these are…

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Five Things to Know About Traveling to the Enduro

Whether you have already made the bold move of signing up for Obstacle Course Racing Enduro World Championships or are just considering it, we’ve consolidated a couple of things that you need to know. Before we talk about all the details of the race though, you are going to want to ensure your travel plans…

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100 Meter Sprint Championships Added To OCR World Championships

Today, Adventurey is excited to announce a new championship distance which will debut at the 2019 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships–the 100 Meter Sprint Championships. “The addition of this competition is the next logical step for our event,” said OCRWC Founder Adrian Bijanada. “Each year we hear from athletes longing for a format that places…

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OCRWC Now Being Broadcast Globally

After very strong initial reception, the 2018 OCRWC is now being broadcast on an unprecedented number of networks around the world. Check your local listings for dates and times on the following networks: Europe and UK Channel 4 4OD Sky Sports UK British Eurosport Dream Team Television Premier Sports Front Runner Sports Free Sports Eir…

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The OCRWC Returns to UK in 2019 with Seven Big Changes

It’s official–the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships will be back in the UK in 2019 and registration is now open with early bird pricing–25% off! But with this being our second year on British soil, we’re planning on plenty of enhancements to make your race weekend even more special. More specifically, since the inception of…

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