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OCR Off-Season Training Like A Pro

ocr off-season training

The end of the year is an important time for OCR athletes, it heralds the beginning of “Off-Season”. After seeing this phrase thrown around on social media, I wanted to find out more about what the best in the business do when the competition season ends. I spoke to some of our Pro OCR friends,…

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Be a Better Runner With Mobility & Stability

Do you want to be a better runner? A lot has been said regarding the pitfalls of over striding while running.  As a matter of fact, I travel the country explaining to OCR athletes why this flaw in running is so catastrophic. So why is it that some athletes are able to get away with…

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5 Good Reasons To Change The Way You Run OCR

Richard Diaz

“You can’t win if you run like sh#t.” -Richard Diaz Having discussions with many of the best athletes who run OCR, all are 100% in agreement with this. I’ll give you 5 good reasons why you should consider changing the way you run, assuming that currently, like most runners, the way you run puts you…

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Yancy Camp Workout #3

Many of you live in areas where outdoor climbing isn’t available to you. Lunges, pushing/pulling sleds, dragging tires, treadmills at incline, and stair-climbers are ways to make up for it. There are many top athletes in our sport who use these type of training methods to make up for not living in a geographical area that provides climbing.

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Yancy Camp Workout of the Week #2

As you read through this week’s training session, remember you can scale it down as necessary. In this case, you could scale down the beginning and ending 20min run time, the number of intervals, and the number of reps.

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Yancy Camp Workout of the Week #1

With just over two months left until race day, we bet you are wondering what you could be doing so that you’re prepared to take on OCRWC course. So to allay those fears, we’ve partnered with famed Obstacle Course Racing Coach Yancy Culp of Yancy Camp to provide you with weekly workouts from now until race day.

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Happy New Year! Almost a month of 2014 has already slipped by, but I hope you are on track and your actions are lining up with your intentions for a great year. Training plans, race schedules, juggling workouts and diets are par for the course for many of us these days. But for others, the question may simply be: I have the dream of completing my first obstacle race this year. So, where do I begin?

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