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OCR Training Plan For Beginners

Women at the starting line of an ocr race, racing with integrity.

So you’ve qualified for the OCR World Championships and you want to make sure you keep that all important band, but where do you start? With the right training and with enough confidence and belief you can take on nearly any Obstacle Course that is set out in front of you. The physicality required to…

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5 Reasons to Race in the U.K.

OCR World Championships in the U.K.

As OCR fever continues to grip the world, it’s becoming easier and easier to find races just about anywhere on the planet. But for me, it’s hard to beat an OCR in good old Blighty. This isle has a lot to offer when it comes to the sport. The Birthplace of OCR Yes, I know…

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Are You an OCR Addict? The 5 Stages of Your First OCR

ocr addict

No matter how seasoned a pro you are, every single one of us from the newbie, to the World Champ had to do their first race one day, and if you didn’t go through these classic symptoms, well, then I’ll eat my inov-8s… Denial You’ve seen the adverts, you’ve got a friend or coworker who…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can Ultra-OCR Be Too Hard?

Person in cleats standing at the finish line of an obstacle course.

Previously, we discussed obstacle course difficulty for both cash prize OCRs and Championship level OCRs. This week we are talking my personal favorite aspect of the sport, Ultra-OCR.   I define Ultra-OCR, as I did in my book, Mud Run Guide’s Ultra-OCR Bible, as races where the winner finishes in 5+ hours or the race is…

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OCRWC Top 10 OCR Athlete Rankings – March

We are proud to introduce: OCR World Championships Top 10 OCR Athlete Rankings. Here at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships we are always looking to push boundaries, develop the sport, and improve for the athletes, as well as our fans. Whilst we work hard on innovation for our races, designing the most exciting courses…

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OCR Etiquette: A British Guide to the OCRWC

ocr etiquette

As we all know, the OCR World Championships will be returning to the UK this year, and us Brits love our etiquette guides, so here’s your handy and concise go to for the do’s and don’ts of Obstacle Course Racing. It may seem pretty straight forward, but I’ve noticed in my time in OCR that…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can OCR Championships Be Too Hard?

Woman climbing up obstacle course wall with rope.

Last week I talked about obstacle difficulty for cash prize OCRs and if they can be too difficult. This week we are talking about OCR Championship level races like OCR World Championships and North American World Championships.   Before we start, the standard definitions I’m using are: Elite: Qualified for Pro Wave of OCRWC, but may…

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Obstacle Difficulty: What is the Right Level Of Hard For OCR Races?

woman in an obstacle course race

Obstacle Difficulty vs. obstacle proficiency As I enter my 7th year racing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), I’ve found most people’s answer comes down to this: I want the obstacles to be hard enough that I’m challenged but still get through, while everyone who isn’t as good on obstacles as me, can’t get through. Or in other…

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For Medal or For Honor? OCR Racing with Integrity

Obstacle course racers at the finish line celebrating.

It’s Monday, post race weekend and you have the post race blues. You get to thinking about things you saw on the course and boy does it start to wind you up something rotten. You put your heart and soul into that race and you’re not going to accept someone else racing without integrity, so…

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Mental Toughness: 5 Ways to Up Your OCR Mental Game

Celebrating moms who race on mothers day

Who’s noticed it recently, a phenomenon on the start line… Mutterings of “Well I’ll try for this but…”. Half hearted efforts and undefined goals. Pre excuses before a race has even begun. I almost ask myself, why are you even here? It’s quite simple to explain: people are scared. They’re afraid if they state a…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can OCR Be Too Hard?

Obstacle course difficulty

It’s a simple question, can you make an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) that is too hard? Well the answer is yes…and no…actually it’s really complicated and depends on the type of race, who the targeted consumer is and what do you mean by too hard.  For purposes of this article, I’m referring to obstacle difficulty…

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3 Reasons Why Burpees Are the Most Overrated OCR Training Exercise

ocr training

Yeah, that’s right…I said it…burpees are the most overrated Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training exercise. Hold on let me adjust the filter on my email inbox to account for all the hate mail I’m about to receive…. Okay, let’s continue with the Op-Ed. Before you go into a tirade about what an awful person I…

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