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World OCR Rankings – July 2019

OCR World Rankings

All eyes were on Europe this month, with not one but three championship events. The OCR Series Final, The Spartan European Championships, and the OCR European Championships, and the World OCR Rankings reflects this. With wins at not only Spartan, and the OCR Series Final- his first OCR events of the season with very little…

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Force5 to showcase Over-Under, and the Gibbons Experience at the 2019 North American OCR Championships


Every year, Adventurey pushes the limits to give athletes the ultimate obstacle course racing experiences. And this year, with the help of longtime partner and world-renowned grip maker Force5, they’ve taken the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships and the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships to unprecedented heights! In addition to being the official grip of both events, Force5 is gracing the…

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World OCR Rankings – June 2019

World OCR Rankings - June

It’s (almost) all change in our male leaderboard of the World OCR Rankings with a big shake up from the European contingent, as more races get underway. Alongside the familiar names of Atkins (CAN, 1), Woods (USA, 5), & Kent (USA, 10), this month sees new faces pop up. It’s been impossible to miss the…

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Enduro Prep With Hammer Nutrition

enduro prep with hammer nutrition

If you are planning on racing the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Enduro World Championships, you’re going to need to fuel consistently.  Spending 24 hours on the course moving forward requires a constant stream of calories whether you are running the whole time going for the win or simply happy with crossing the finish line after…

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Less Than a Month to Go!

It’s official–LESS THAN A MONTH until we see you out at Dargle Farm on June 8+9, ready to take on the 2019 OCRWC #ENDURO! Are you as excited as we are? Doubtful. We hope your training is preparing you for whatever we (and Mother Nature) decide to throw at you! Check out this workout week…

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Qualify for NORAM/OCRWC at Conquer The Gauntlet

Get Qualified for Conquer the Gauntlet

Conquer The Gauntlet (CTG) is the Midwest’s favorite race series holding six events annually that are located between Des Moines, Iowa, and Dallas, Texas.  Their race series, which started in 2012, is four miles and 25 obstacles making it an action packed run from start to finish.  While you can qualify for North American Obstacle…

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Celebrating Moms Who Race: The OCR Journey

Mothers racing in an OCR race, running past the finish line with determination.

To celebrate Mother’s Day we talk to two of our most loved female athletes: two incredible women with very different journeys into OCR, but with one big thing in common, being a Mom who races. Natalie Miano is an Elite racer, and mother of two boys, and Rose Wetzel also an Elite female, and mother…

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World OCR Rankings – May 2019

This month World OCR Rankings sees the first couple of OCR, Atkins (CAN, 1) & Webster (CAN, 1) comfortably top both the male and the female leaderboards. After a strong month for Atkins, including a win at the NJ Spartan Ultra Beast, he retains 1st position, whilst Webster moves up 2 places to clinch the…

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Benny Seymour Week 5 Enduro Workout

Only 5 weeks to go until we see you out at Dargle Farm on June 8+9, ready to take on the 2019 OCRWC #ENDURO. How is your training coming along? Have you started doing some overnight or cold weather training? You never know what you’ll get when you hit the course – it could be…

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How To Overcome the Fear of Failure

overcome the fear of failure

Failure is subjective, but for all of us it is borne from our expectations. What for one would be a failure, for another would be their wildest dreams. Failure comes in many disguises from “people will laugh at me” to “I won’t be strong enough”… from an insecurity of our own personal vision, to an…

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