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5 Things To Pack In Your OCR Kit: The Enduro Essentials

the enduro kit

For a 24 hour race, your kit is as important as your training, with the Enduro World Championships rapidly approaching, we take a look at what essentials you need to pack. Look after your feet Without them, you won’t be going anywhere. Make sure your shoes are suitable, and you have them in multiple. Disaster…

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The Most Challenging Obstacles to Expect at The Enduro

A man traveling through the obstacles of the enduro race.

The Enduro World Championship is known for its unique set of obstacles and therefore, comes with its own training challenges.  It’s imperative that you focus on obstacle efficiency over obstacle speed when training for The Enduro World Championship. Here are some of the obstacles you will be facing and how you may want to modify…

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North American Championships Athletes to Receive Free Hoo-rag Bandanas

Vermont’s notorious Stratton Mountain is literally an uphill battle for competitors at the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, which will be remembered by the rigorous terrain and extraordinary obstacles. Because it is essential that athletes keep cool and dry while navigating the course, Adventurey is proud to announce that it will be partnering with…

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Ben Seymour Week 9 Enduro Workout

There are only 9 weeks to go until we see you out at Dargle Farm on June 8+9, ready to take on the 2019 #Enduro, but there’s plenty of time to hone your fitness before race weekend. And to help, we’ve got another week of workouts for you from Ben Seymour! SESSION 13 x 10…

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World OCR Rankings – April 2019

This month sees huge changes in our worldwide OCR rankings for both males and females, whilst there are no surprises in who makes up the top 3 women, you may be surprised to see Lindsay Webster (CAN, 3) knocked from the top spot by both Mericle (USA,1) & Hammond (USA, 2). Nicole Mericle has had…

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OCR Community: What We Miss About OCRWC

OCR Community

Hands up. Who’s felt things are a little bit… lacking lately? There’s something missing isn’t there? I know Spring is coming and we have that to look forward to, but for me it’s just not cutting it. The annual event of the OCR World Championships also coincides – for many of us- with a brief…

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What To Expect At Your First Obstacle Course Race

obstacle course racing crawls

You’re taking on your very first Obstacle Course Race, whether it’s a Spartan, Tough Mudder, or the open 7km at the OCRWC. Maybe you’re running elite and hoping to compete, or perhaps you’re running with a group of friends for charity. Chances are you’re probably a little bit nervous, and wondering what’s going to happen….

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OCR Obstacle Training: Hanging Traverses (Skull Valley and Pipe Dreams)

ocr obstacle training

While Skull Valley and Pipe Dreams initially appear vastly different, they actually hold many training and technical aspects in common. That is why I have chosen to combine them for this final article in the series.  Skull Valley is named for the skull shaped rock climbing holds, which must be traversed using grip strength in…

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How To Get More Out Of Your OCR Season

ocr race

OCR is addictive. We joke about it, but it really is. When you discover the sport, you want more. When you get your first taste of what it could be like to run faster, perform better, you want to grab it. The community is small and friendly, and you want to be a part of…

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The OCR Standard: One Band For All

OCR Obstacle Difficulty

Obstacle difficulty is a common topic online in the OCR World Championships Athletes Group (why aren’t you part of the group yet?…join here) and in other Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) communities.  One of the sub-topics in this is “Should there be different OCR standards for Pro vs. Age Group?”  Specifically, I want to talk about…

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#AllTheRaces: Ensuring Success With Multiple OCR Races

A woman traveling through an OCR race

If you are headed to North American OCR Championships or OCR World Championships you are probably racing more than once over the course of the weekend. There are up to five events occurring in one weekend for OCRWC: 100m 3k 15k Team Relay Charity Run With that many events in one weekend, your pre/intra/post-race fueling…

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Prepping for the 15k OCRWC with Hammer Nutrition

A man racing through a 15k OCRWC race

It’s only 15k, why do I need fuel?  Well if you are running the North American OCR Championship (NORAM) course in an hour and a half, you may not need fuel.  If you are like most of the athletes on the course spending between two and six hours on the course, you are going to…

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