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5 Good Reasons To Change The Way You Run OCR

Richard Diaz

“You can’t win if you run like sh#t.” -Richard Diaz Having discussions with many of the best athletes who run OCR, all are 100% in agreement with this. I’ll give you 5 good reasons why you should consider changing the way you run, assuming that currently, like most runners, the way you run puts you…

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Obstacle Course Racing World Championships Partners with Youth Sport Trust for Charity Open

With the highly anticipated 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) being held in the UK for the first time, athletes and participants from around the world will have a chance to experience a world championship caliber course while supporting Youth Sport Trust and their mission to improve the lives of young people around the world…

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2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships to Air Across Multiple Television Networks

The first broadcast of the 2018 Championships will air on the 27th of October on the UK’s Channel 4, with further broadcasts planned on additional networks including British Eurosport, Sky Sports, and more. Today, Adventurey, LLC, producers of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC), announced a partnership with Dream Team Television to produce programming…

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Wreck Bag Named Official Heavy Bag Of North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships and OCR World Championships


No obstacle course racing championship is complete without the legendary Wreck Bag Carry, so Adventurey and longtime partner and fitness industry icon Wreck Bag are teaming up once again for the much-anticipated 2018 North American OCR Championships Aug. 10-12 in Vermont and the 2018 OCR World Championships Oct. 19-21 in London. The grueling carry, which…

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How Jet Lag Affects Your Performance and How to Beat It

Nowadays, traveling for an Obstacle Course Race doesn’t mean just crossing a few state lines, it’s more likely to mean crossing a few time zones. Whilst travel is part of the allure of distant races, the change in time can cause havoc with your body, and can genuinely affect your performance of the race that…

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Adventurey and Akuma Sports Enter into Multi-Year Partnership

Akuma Sports, the United Kingdom based sports apparel company has entered a multi-year partnership with Adventurey, which will bring new and exciting custom jerseys for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, 24-Hour Enduro World Championships, and the Empire State Marathon. “This is an important multi-year relationship for our organization…

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The Value of Recovery

OCRWC Nutritionist Melissa Boufounos explains why rest and recovery days are just as important as your training days and how to capitalize on them.

As an obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete and Certified Holistic Nutritionist specializing in nutrition for OCR athletes, I am a member of over a dozen Facebook groups of OCR athletes and I see a lot of interesting conversations. I see everything from favorite gear to favorite race day food to training tips to race stories…

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Obstacle Course Racing World Championships Team Up with Grip-Masters inov-8

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships has announced that award-winning footwear company inov-8 is to become its Official Footwear Brand of the 2018 championships. Founded in 2003, inov-8 is internationally renowned for designing footwear with the best grip for off-road running and CrossFit. The brand has been synonymous with the sport of obstacle course racing…

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Melissa Boufounos Named Official Nutritionist of the 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships

New York, NY (April 3, 2018) – Melissa Boufounos C.H.N., longtime obstacle course racer, Nutritionist, and coach, has been named the official Nutritionist of the 2018 OCR World Championships. Through her practice, MB Performance Nutrition, Ms. Boufounos will provide nutritional content advice across all OCRWC channels for athletes to reach their peak performance in preparation…

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