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OCR Community: What We Miss About OCRWC

OCR Community

Hands up. Who’s felt things are a little bit… lacking lately? There’s something missing isn’t there? I know Spring is coming and we have that to look forward to, but for me it’s just not cutting it. The annual event of the OCR World Championships also coincides – for many of us- with a brief…

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Veloforte’s Bars and Bites to be the Official Nutrition at London’s 2019 OCR World Championships 

It’s a perfect match: Adventurey and energy-bar maker Veloforte are teaming up again Oct. 11-13 for the 2019 OCR World Championships in London, where they will introduce the official OCRWC energy bar! Fortified with Veloforte’s award-winning, all-natural blend of balanced, recovery-inducing nutrients, the souvenir-style packaged goodies will be available in the village and at the…

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5 Reasons to Race in the U.K.

OCR World Championships in the U.K.

As OCR fever continues to grip the world, it’s becoming easier and easier to find races just about anywhere on the planet. But for me, it’s hard to beat an OCR in good old Blighty. This isle has a lot to offer when it comes to the sport. The Birthplace of OCR Yes, I know…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can Ultra-OCR Be Too Hard?

Person in cleats standing at the finish line of an obstacle course.

Previously, we discussed obstacle course difficulty for both cash prize OCRs and Championship level OCRs. This week we are talking my personal favorite aspect of the sport, Ultra-OCR.   I define Ultra-OCR, as I did in my book, Mud Run Guide’s Ultra-OCR Bible, as races where the winner finishes in 5+ hours or the race is…

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OCRWC Top 10 OCR Athlete Rankings – March

We are proud to introduce: OCR World Championships Top 10 OCR Athlete Rankings. Here at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships we are always looking to push boundaries, develop the sport, and improve for the athletes, as well as our fans. Whilst we work hard on innovation for our races, designing the most exciting courses…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can OCR Championships Be Too Hard?

Woman climbing up obstacle course wall with rope.

Last week I talked about obstacle difficulty for cash prize OCRs and if they can be too difficult. This week we are talking about OCR Championship level races like OCR World Championships and North American World Championships.   Before we start, the standard definitions I’m using are: Elite: Qualified for Pro Wave of OCRWC, but may…

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Obstacle Difficulty: Can OCR Be Too Hard?

Obstacle course difficulty

It’s a simple question, can you make an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) that is too hard? Well the answer is yes…and no…actually it’s really complicated and depends on the type of race, who the targeted consumer is and what do you mean by too hard.  For purposes of this article, I’m referring to obstacle difficulty…

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3 Reasons Why Burpees Are the Most Overrated OCR Training Exercise

ocr training

Yeah, that’s right…I said it…burpees are the most overrated Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training exercise. Hold on let me adjust the filter on my email inbox to account for all the hate mail I’m about to receive…. Okay, let’s continue with the Op-Ed. Before you go into a tirade about what an awful person I…

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What You Should Know About Racing the Enduro

A few weeks ago we covered Five Things you Need to Know for Enduro: Travel. Now that your travel plans are set, it is time to focus on your reason for the trip: Racing the Enduro. This topic is much larger than a single article, in fact it is so big, I wrote a book…

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Five Things to Know About Traveling to the Enduro

Whether you have already made the bold move of signing up for Obstacle Course Racing Enduro World Championships or are just considering it, we’ve consolidated a couple of things that you need to know. Before we talk about all the details of the race though, you are going to want to ensure your travel plans…

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Today, Adventurey is excited to announce a new championship distance which will debut at the 2019 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships–the 100 Meter Sprint Championships. “The addition of this competition is the next logical step for our event,” said OCRWC Founder Adrian Bijanada. “Each year we hear from athletes longing for a format that places…

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