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5 Mistakes Athletes Make When Taking CBD

Disclosure: The following post is brought to you by our good friends over at Venga CBD. We stand behind their products and this content and are excited to offer our athletes tips on how to effectively use CBD!

Athletes all over the country are flocking to add CBD to their training regimen, yet most aren’t getting nearly all the benefits they could from CBD. This is your secret weapon to get 1000% more performance out of CBD for your training, racing, and recovery.

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Mistake #1 – They Don’t Take Enough

Not taking enough CBD to generate the results you want is like your grandmother forever underwatering that plant in the corner she swears she’s not trying to kill. So many of the benefits derived from taking CBD require a dose that sufficiently activates your body’s Endocannabinoid System in proportion to the stress and strain you put on your body.

Here’s the Mistake: Many CBD oils on the market today have an extremely low bioavailability rate. This means that very little (as little as 6% to 15%) of the CBD you take makes it into your bloodstream where it can make a difference in boosting your performance and speeding up your recovery time. The other 94% is unceremoniously expelled from your body. So while on paper it appears you’re taking a fair amount, let’s say 50mg per day, the lower bioavailability of the typical CBD oil results in somewhere between 3mg and 7.5mg getting absorbed into your bloodstream.

Here’s the Solution: Venga CBD, because it’s engineered for athletes, wrestled with this problem and implemented a proprietary process to produce water-soluble CBD oil. By choosing water-soluble CBD oil, your body absorbs up to 500% more CBD into your bloodstream. That “500% more” means you get an 85% bioavailability compared to the typical CBD oil that delivers between 6% to 15% — a 500% increase!

Mistake #2 – They Don’t Take It Consistently

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An athlete not taking CBD consistently is closely related to Mistake #1’s “not taking enough.” The consistency issue is a slightly different version of how grandma’s not trying to kill her plant only this time it’s by not watering it often enough. Similarly, like many other substances and supplements, CBD’s positive results compound over time as it builds up in the body. It’s because of this steady build-up over time that it is not uncommon for it to take up to 30 days for results to start to show up.

Here’s the Mistake: Taking CBD occasionally or intermittently will, in all likelihood, cause an average everyday human to miss out on the positive compounding effects CBD has on the body. When you then factor in the inordinate amount of stress and strain an athlete routinely puts on their body, the benefits can be missed altogether.

Here’s the Solution: To fully enjoy the wide range of benefits CBD can provide, a consistent delivery of CBD is required to sufficiently activate your body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD is NOT as effective if it’s taken sporadically, one day here, one day there. Just like regular training is needed to perform well in your sport, if you want the results that come from taking CBD, then it must become a daily habit.

By consistently consuming CBD daily over 30 days, you position your body to fully realize its positive compounding effects, which, in turn, will pay dividends when it comes to your training and racing performance.

Mistake #3 – They Don’t Take It for All That CBD Has to Offer

Each CBD product is like a tool, which is used under a certain set of circumstances to generate specific results. But if you only have one tool, then you’re limited as to what you can accomplish. As anyone who has ever picked up a hammer can tell you, that tool has its limitations, things that it’s not made for or, at the very least, not the best at.

Here’s the Mistake: Athletes often select one CBD product and run with it, bike with it, lift with it, etc. It’s their “go-to,” which is not a bad thing, but it does limit the results they might otherwise enjoy.

Here’s the solution: The right mix of CBD products will help you crush your goals even when your mind and body might not be in full agreement. To ensure you maximize performance and speed-up recovery, an endurance athlete’s CBD regimen should be a three-pronged plan. With this in mind, we figured out how to cover 100% of your CBD needs with just five products.

  1. The Inside Plan: The primary CBD you ingest and, because of its extremely high absorption rate, it serves as the foundational supplement of your CBD regimen. It’s taken daily, sometimes more than once.
    1. Ideal ‘Inside’ Products: water-soluble Venga Ultra Gels, and water-soluble Venga Super Sleep – provides up to 500% more CBD into your bloodstream
  2. The Outside Plan: CBD balm applied directly to your sore and aching muscles and joints, both before and after training or a race, aiding you in reducing both pain and inflammation and speeding up recovery.
    1. Ideal ‘Outside’ Product: water-soluble Venga Recovery Balm, applied liberally over the target area in need of soothing, providing fast, deeply penetrating relief that lasts up to 3-4 hours.
  3. The On-the-Go Plan: CBD that travels well in a pack, pouch, or pocket and is designed to give you an extra shot of CBD while you’re on the trail, on your bike, in the gym, or when you’re in the middle of a grueling race or extra-hard training session. Get that extra boost of CBD you need when you’re hurting or when your mind or body is thinking about letting you down.
    1. Ideal Products: Venga Aid Station Gummies, designed for 1-2 gummies to be taken on the go every 2-3 hours as needed, Venga CBD Energy Drink, to be mixed with water to support hydration and electrolyte needs

Mistake #4 – They Only Take It for One Reason

Venga pain

An athlete taking CBD intent on enjoying a single benefit is like a 10-year-old going to a Disneyland intent on enjoying only the rides. As any kid who has spent more than an hour or two at “The Happiest Place on Earth” can tell you, the rides, while great, are but one part of a rich, wonderful experience. It’s much the same with CBD — to restrict yourself to one benefit is leaving ‘endurance’ performance on the table.

Here’s the Mistake: When you evaluate each aspect of your endurance training regimen, you want to consider all relevant data so that you know what’s working and what’s not. It’s the same with CBD. But the mistake some athletes make is they ignore or just don’t notice the wide range of CBD-based benefits enhancing their results. Such an omission could cause them to mistakenly undervalue its impact on their performance.

Here’s the solution: Going beyond fighting inflammation and alleviating pain, CBD also provides a myriad of other benefits that you deserve to enjoy. These benefits include such things as:

  • Improved sleep quality that allows you to wake refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Feeling less sore and fatigued after an intense workout or race
  • Faster recovery time so you can get right back out there and do it all over again
  • Less anxiety and improved mental focus so you can keep your head in the game

Mistake #5 – They Don’t Take It On-the-Go

An athlete’s decision to not take CBD while on the go, whether it be mid-race or mid-training session, carries with it health consequences that are far worse than those associated with the first four mistakes. You know what we’re talking about. During a long training session or a grueling race, at the point when your body is screaming for relief, telling you it’s time to quit or slow down, and then you start popping ibuprofen, pop, pop, pop.

Here’s the Mistake: Among endurance athletes who put their bodies through the wringer regularly, the percentage of those regularly making the mistake of taking OTC drugs like ibuprofen is extremely high. And taking ibuprofen and similar drugs during endurance training and events has been shown to cause acute kidney damage, with one study showing that Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a common issue encountered in over 34% of ultramarathoners. If we wanted to pile on by sharing a short list of a much longer list of harmful side effects, we would tell you about the headaches, the heartburn, the ulcers, the dizziness, the leg swelling, the liver and kidney malfunction, and the high blood pressure.

Here’s the Solution: Venga CBD has designed 2 supplements specifically for athletes during a grueling event and in need of relief. Aid Station Gummies, which are 25mg of pain-targeting, inflammation-reducing CBD, and CBD Energy Drink, which packs 12.5mg CBD plus caffeine, electrolytes, and B vitamins. Each is perfect in packs or pockets for a convenient boost of CBD on the go, so you can perform your best.

So there you have it. We gave you five mistakes and five solutions. Avoid the former and do the latter and the rest is easy.

About our partner Venga CBD: We created a system of pain-relief, performance, and recovery products that are all-natural and plant-based to help you suffer less and heal faster so you can thrive in your sport for life.

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OCR athletes are often the toughest and fittest people on the planet and yet they can be the most broken. Injuries, pain, slow recovery, and aging keep athletes from performing their best and in many cases out of the sport they love completely!

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We created a system of pain-relief, performance, and recovery products that are all-natural and plant-based to help you suffer less and heal faster so you can thrive in your sport for life.

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